Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well...Tom and I have finally made it to Denver after MANY MANY hours in the car. However, the greatest blessing that has come from this is that our little one, Elliana is at home with grandparents. We spent 30 or so of the last 48 hours in the car...can you imagine doing that with a two month old? YIKES! We were stuck on the I-70 for almost 6 hours. It was CRAZY. We miss Elli so month, but know she is well taken care of. We have tons of pictures to post, and I will post them when we get back to town...forgot my camera cord.
Here is a picture from my phone in her Easter dress that her daddy picked out for her...isn't it cute?!?! more. Chilling with daddy...she loves to look at her daddy and has now started to copy him when he sticks his tongue out at her, she works really hard and does it back...we miss her and can't wait to get home!!!