Wednesday, April 18, 2012

38 week appointment

I had my 38 week appointment today, a few days late.  They processed my testing and though my levels were a little high, they were not preeclamptic.  So we will be running more tests throughout the week and going back in on Monday for results.  Phoebe is still doing great!  My BP is still pretty high and if it gets much higher, they won't let me stay pregnant.  I will keep everyone posted!  The Dr. ordered an ultra-sound today to check her fluid levels and her size.  Her fluid levels are low, but not abnormally low, so we have another ultra-sound scheduled for Monday.  She is measuring about 7 and a half pounds, she's going to be LOTS bigger than her sister Elliana, who weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz.

If there are any changes I will let everyone know either via FB or here.  Extra prayers that Phoebe decides to make her appearance soon and that I'm able to have my VBAC would be MOST appreciated!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I've been having really bad headaches for the last week or so, but the headache hasn't gone away since Friday.  When I was at the pharmacy today I decided to check my blood pressure.  It was extremely high, especially for me, 148/86.  I normally run about 90/60.  I decided to call my Dr, who sent me directly to Labor and Delivery for monitoring.  My BP slowly went down over the hour and a half I was there, and I got a "normal" reading of 128/88.  My Dr. was at the hospital and stopped by, because of my high BP and my headache he is worried about preeclampsia.  They are running the tests now and I should have results by Wednesday, I will keep everyone posted.  If I am diagnosed with preeclampsia, we will be having a baby very shortly there-after...and if not, then we'll just keep waiting, but my due date is about 10 days away, so we're getting close!  Can't wait to meet my little girl!  We are very excited to have her join our family!

Friday, April 6, 2012

37 Weeks

Tom's been pretty busy as of late, and we could never find a time for him to take a picture of me, so instead we have the classic in the mirror picture! : D

I'm just past 37 weeks and feeling alright, just ready to be done, so as soon as little miss Phoebe decides it is time, I will be willing and ready to have her come!  Tom's a little nervous about having her come, and I'm not sure why because he's such a great day!  But his work/schooling is VERY demanding, especially right now.  But he always makes sure to save us time, and we always have our Sundays together, unless he's on call, which has only happened twice.

Elliana is still doing great and is still just herself.  She had to go in for a minor surgery today, but did great!  She had to have her ear tube removed.  It had been in for over 2 years and they are only supposed to stay in a max of 18 months.  We wanted to get through the winter season before removing it in case she went back to getting ear infections.  She did great for the surgery and didn't even cry when they took her away; not the case for me....I cried.  It's so hard to not be able to "protect" your kids.  She woke up from the anesthesia great and even got an Easter Basket from the hospital!

Tom had one of his professors come in town from Denver and he took us out to dinner, all the Utah Students and their spouses.  It was SO nice to get out, without kids, and have a free dinner!  We went to Tucano's and clearly ate way too much!  It was so delicious though!

We're plugging along here, just anxiously awaiting the arrival of our cute little miss...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

36 weeks

I can't believe I've made it this far!  I'm 36 weeks and feeling pretty miserable if we're being honest, and it's my blog so I feel like I can be honest.  I've been in the hospital twice this last week with fluid leaking, I was almost positive it was my water that broke; instead apparently I'm peeing my pants.  : (  Pregnancy in that respect is the WORST!  To have no control over your bodily functions is pretty bad, and embarrassing.

Phoebe is doing great though, she's still got plenty of fluid and she is growing well.  I still haven't gained any weight, and am feeling pretty good about that.

I've had to stop working and am on a "rest easy" directive from my Doctor.  I don't rest well, and I hate being "lazy" per-say.  It's no fun to just have to lie around.

I've finally gotten the nursery set up and will get pictures soon!

Tom and I have also finally decided on our double stroller and my parents are helping us buy it!  Thanks Mom and Dad!  I love how compactly it folds up since we only have cars, and it maneuvers so easily!  I'm very excited to go and purchase it, and I get to do that tomorrow!  Or as soon as Tom has time to go to the store with me to buy it, since he'd kill me if I tried to get it myself.