Friday, April 16, 2010


This year for Easter we were here in Denver. We had a great time! We had lunch with a bunch of friends from the Med school and the kids had an Easter Egg Hunt. We didn't think Elli would really care much, but she LOVED it. The excitement on her face was classic, wish I would have taken the video camera it was so cute. She had a great time playing with her eggs with her friend Zhar. We got a few cute pictures thanks to Jessica! I will post them now!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Visitors, and sick...

I can't believe that Spring Break is already almost over, it went by WAY too fast, probably because we spent most of it very very sick. :(

Tom's parents arrived Friday night and we just hung out. We went sight seeing on Saturday, however Saturday night, Tom's mom got sick. Tom ended up getting it on Monday (the night my sister got to Denver)...and he passed it on to me. It was not a friendly illness, but is any? No, not really, but it was BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily Elliana did not get it, which is a blessing, because I am sure she would have ended up in the hospital.

I feel totally awful, because Alexis was here, and I didn't even really get to see her or hang out, because I was so ill. She was just here, and well, babysitting! I hope she'll come back!

As of now, we're just getting ready for Gigi and Papa to come visit and are SO excited to have them come and join us!

Elli got a great and exciting toy for Easter, she got a little outdoor sand/water toy; she LOVES to play outside, and I think this will be perfect! I will post pictures by Monday for sure!

Elli is going to go through withdrawls, when Tom goes back to school...she loves her daddy and will be sad to have him gone all day, and then to not have family here, after having so many people around for weeks, I think she may have a rough time; but we'll take it as it comes!

Till the pictures....