Sunday, November 6, 2011

15 weeks 2 days

 I've had a few friends ask for baby bump pictures, so here you go.  This is me at 15 weeks 2 days.  I still haven't gained any weight, and I have a Dr. appointment tomorrow, I'm very anxious to see the baby.  It's always a relief to see and hear the baby!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Trip to Idaho

 We went to Idaho Falls for a week and had so much fun!  While we were there Elliana LOVED eating Gigi's homemade wheat bread and ate so much they had to make more!  Here are a few pictures of them making bread.  Elliana loves to help, and especially help her Gigi, they are buds!
 They are pouring in the freshly ground wheat, Elliana even helped with that....or rather held on tight to Gigi, it was noisy!
 Playing in the flour that spilled.
 How do you not just love that face!
 Showing off her pretty apron!  She did not want to get messy!  She hates being dirty!
 Smiling for the camera!
 Looking at the finished product in awe.
 I didn't taste the bread, but heard it was just delicious!
 My Aunt Leslie came to visit, and loves books, so she brought a few Halloween books to read to Elliana and Sammy!  Elliana was in HEAVEN!
 Getting ready for Boo at the Zoo with Telaine and Ryker!  Elliana had so much fun!  She was a pirate princess.
Being a ham again!  We had lots of fun in Idaho but we were so excited to come home and see Tom (daddy).  We were even able to surprise him and come home a day early!  It was so nice to be back together again, and he had no idea we were coming, til I told him to get in the car to come pick us up!


I got the job!  I am so excited, I was so nervous for my interview, but I did well and got a call the next morning! I start on Tuesday.  I am so sad to be leaving Elliana at home, but with Tom in school full time, we just need some extra money before the baby comes.

I will be working in the Church Distribution part of the Deseret Book and I think for me right now that is a good change, because it will be a lot less stressful!  I am very excited to start and will blog about my first day after it's over!  :)