Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding out...

So my Sister-in-Law Heather put on a great party where we were able to find out the gender of our baby!  It was a great idea and we had SO much fun!  Tom and I had no clue what we were having, and we were so excited to find out with our families.  The only people who knew what the baby was before we did were my sister in law Heather and my Mom...because she wanted to buy something for the baby....Enjoy the pictures!

 Opening the box, we had no idea what was in it....just knew that it would tell us what the gender was.
 It was such a great idea, she put balloons in the box, we were shocked!  Elliana was SO excited!
 They're pink! It's a girl!
 Elliana with a knowing smile on her face, she knew all along that it was a sister!  And sister's name is Phoebe.  We don't have a middle name yet, but Phoebe is the first name!


I'm so behind on blogging, this whole working, having a 2 year old and being a mom/wife thing is a LOT harder when you add a 2 year old to the mix!

We were able to spend Thanksgiving in Sandy with my family and we had a really great time!  Tom and I contributed a Turkey (that we got for free from shopping at Winco).  The deal was if you spent $100 you got a free turkey up to 25 lbs.  So we decided to contribute it to the family.  It was a great turkey and a wonderful meal!  My parents were also able to come from Idaho Falls with Alexis and it was so nice to see them!  We love spending time with Mimi and Papa Brian!