Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping and Sick and a Party

How crazy is this....we went to the grocery store tonight, and a friend told me that they had carts at King Soopers (like Smith's) that had little TV's in them where you could watch Disney. Sure enough, they were there...and we shopped with Elli peacefully in the cart watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! It was amazing!!!!!!!

Elli is sick....Elli has pink eye, poor baby! I feel so bad for her! Hopefully it will pass quickly!

Elliana is having a party, she will be two tomorrow and I can't believe it! Boy have the years FLOWN by! She is having her big party on Saturday and I will attach a copy of the invitation for all to see! It is adorable thanks to my awesome friend Jessica McAllister you can see her blog at Thanks Jess, you're the best!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Train Museum

On Saturday Elliana and I went to the Train Museum! We went with our good friends Jessica and Zhar! They were SO adorable together and didn't want anything to do with the Moms, just wanted to play together, ride the train together and hold hands! They are SO cute!

You can visit their

Also, if you want I can E-mail you a coupon so that you can get half price admission! Jessica and I got in with the kids for $10! Jessica has all the pictures, so when I get them, I will post them!

Love to all!