Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Post

This will be the last post for a while. We move tomorrow and we won't have internet for a few days. :(

We ran into some MAJOR problems or run ins today and I thought I was going to lose it. Sorry Tom, you got the brunt of my lash out. We called the apartment to see if we could go and measure a few things before we got there tomorrow with all our stuff. After being put on hold for 15 minutes, they asked if they could call us back. Knowing this was not a good sign, we started freaking out! Ok, I started freaking out! They called us back and said, our apartment wasn't ready...and wouldn't be for awhile, so could we stay in our apartment for a few more days. Uh, NO, we have to be out by Thursday at 5 p.m. After some issues being worked out...and talked about, we have discovered they had yet to clean the carpets, paint or do the cleaning. Holy cow! Freaking out, I have a baby, where are we going to stay???? What are we going to do? After talking some more, we realized we are in a GREAT apartment, quite newly renovated; the floors anyways. We have hardwoods throughout, and carpet only in the bedrooms! For the inconvenience they are giving us a gift card to Target for $100. It could have been anywhere, but we LOVE Target.

Thanks to all my friends who are giving me a hand in helping with Elliana tomorrow! Can't wait to post pictures of the new place!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Words, Packing

As you might have caught from recent posts, we are moving. We move in less than 2 weeks, and I am just starting to pack! Needless to say, I am a little stressed! It shouldn't be too bad, since we are just moving across town, about 5.5 miles!

We just had a fun family date at the zoo on Monday! Tom finished his test and we decided to head out and get a one year zoo pass! Elli LOVED the zoo, and I am excited to be able to go back anytime I want! The pass was 70 dollars, and it would have cost us $26 to get in that day...so I feel like we got a great deal! Also, a bunch of my friends have zoo passes so it will make it so we can go for our playdates there!

Now, a list of Elli's words:

thank you
zhar (friend)
jessica (friend)
papa (grandpa)
gigi (great grandma)
nana (great grandma and banana)
butt (belly button)
pretties (necklace and earrings)
nack (snack)
mimi (grandma Janet)

She is getting smarter everyday and KILLS me with the things she says! Sorry this was kind of a long post, and with no pictures, but I lost my camera in the mess of my packing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Night!

Tom didn't have to study too much tonight, so we decided to have a movie night! We just finished watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! If you have not seen this movie, it is seriously a MUST! It is SO SO SO funny! Another post tomorrow...did lots of fun things over the weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Single Mommy

Tonight was my first real night back as a single Mommy! It wasn't easy that's for sure! In fact as I sit here, I am crying. I don't know how mom's do this all the time, because it is so hard! By 7 I was just ready to be done for the day. Elli was driving me nuts, I had run all day long...and I was/am very tired! Tom has been studying all week this week, but tonight is the first night that he stayed late at the school; we met him for dinner and grabbed a subway sandwich. It is going to be a hard adjustment, not only for me, but for Elli. She stands at the stairs and just cries for her daddy.

We enjoyed having Tom home for the summer, but are glad he is back at school, doing what he loves! Can't wait till this part of school is over so he can do the hands on stuff! More of an 8-5 type deal...not a 7-midnight. ;)

On a side note...
We are dealing with HORRIBLE problems with Health and Welfare at the Castlerock office. Yesterday I went to pick up some medications, only to find out I don't have insurance...hello what? If that isn't bad enough, it gets worse. Because we are full time students, and I unable to work...we get Food Stamps. They never sent in or did our recertification paperwork that I turned in, in MAY!!!!!!!! It's now August people! So we haven't been able to buy food (without using our money) since June. It's SO stressful, and I know I was not a great Mommy to Elli today because I was just stressed and not so nice. So, my Love Bug, Mommy is very sorry! Please forgive and know that tomorrow will be a better day!

Because of what we are dealing with there...and their lack of not accomplishing anything, I asked to talk to someone higher up. They said to call the Governor's Office, so I did, hopefully we can get some help for someone before we have to use too much of our money. We live on such a tight budget!

Tomorrow is going to be a better day...I need to start packing, we move in less than 3 weeks and I have not packed a SINGLE box!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New old table

We just got a great deal on a kitchen table! We got it from a girl that goes to Tom's Medical School. Our table served us VERY well from our friends the Kington's. But it had seen better days and was on it's last leg. Almost literally! So we got this table, and 4 chairs for $85 dollars!

Long Hair

This is a cute little video, Elli has discovered her long hair, and how it will swish around her head. She loves to feel it flip from side to side!

Lots of pictures

This was our first little bit home, we stopped in Salt Lake to visit my Grandparents...Elli's Nana and Great Papa.
Elli loved playing the piano with Nana, and wanted to watch her play. How cute is that?

Looking over at her Uncle Andrew! She was listening to him play music

Eating watermelon with Auntie Lexi
Daddy and Elli making cookies for friends when we got home to Denver. I think Elli may have shared a few germs.

This was a little bridge in Boulder called the "Little Bug Bridge"....how appropriate!
Good enough now Mom, I'm smiling! Little ham.
Eating breakfast at The Buff, in Boulder yesterday! We had such a great day! Walked around the Pearl Street mall, and had breakfast together! Now we just need to get packing, we move in 3 1/2 weeks! Yikes...I have not done anything yet!