Monday, November 15, 2010

New Addition - Elli's New Room

We have a new addition! Well, not one, 4! Don't jump too far ahead there, it's Elli's new fish! She loves them!

We have big news, Elliana is no longer in a crib, she has a big girl bed! Her room looks SO empty now! She is loving having all her toys in her room, and so is Mommy! She does much better cleaning up back there for some reason too! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Napping Video

The quality is not great; but someone is supposed to be napping....little turkey! Instead, I find her in her bathroom, sitting on the potty, reading books!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

Today as a Mommy was a good day! Elli got new clothes and shoes this weekend (some little "UGGS"; and was adorable today). Today she wore some leggings and uggs and pretty much looked adorable! We had to go shopping and I got SO many compliments on how cute she looked and how perfect her outfit was, and did I have her in modeling, because she was so darling. I will post pics tomorrow!

I was talking to Tom earlier today, and I had just laid down with Elli to nap, after I got her sleeping (because she refuses to sleep in her crib)....I said, it's so interesting, I let her roll around to try and go to sleep on her own, but the instant I tell her it's time to close her eyes and go nigh night, she comes and lays by me. I put my forehead to hers and she is asleep almost instantly. The reason I say this, is because I feel like I have some AWESOME mommy power, because when I laid her down tonight, the same thing happened! SO cool!

Today, I am proud to be a Mom, and even more proud to be a wife to my amazing husband Tom! He is my EVERYTHING! I love my little family, and wouldn't change my life for anything today!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Unfortunately we have all been a bit sick. :( Elli got it by far the worst and she was SO sick! She was throwing up all night on Tuesday. By Wednesday afternoon she was getting worse and Tom suggested we take her to the doctor. Her office was closed, so I took her to Urgent Care. The doctor there said she was pretty dehydrated and wanted to give her IV fluids, because she was not getting enough. They tried to put in her IV, and were unsuccessful. We were then sent to Parker Adventist Children's Hospital. They took GREAT care of Elli and after fluids and some tests, she is doing LOTS better. In fact, back to her good old self today! She was SO upset because of her IV. I got a picture so you can all see what happened. She was not in prime picture mode though....

Unfortunately, we passed our yuckyness onto the McAllister family. Sorry Zhar! Feel better soon!

Fall with Bri and Peyttie

Elli has some great friends named Bri and Peyttie! She LOVES playing with these girls. They get along so well and we had a play date the other day and got to go on a walk and find leaves! The girls thought it was a blast! Thanks for the pictures Linds!


Elliana didn't really enjoy Halloween much...she didn't know what was going, and did not want to say hello to people. She was a Lady Bug and was the cutest one I saw! Here are some fun pictures! She even got to play with her friend Zhar.

New Words

Elliana is starting to talk NON stop! She is getting to be such a fun age; and sassier by the minute! She no longer makes LOUD noisy kisses, since watching Tom and I, she kisses quietly!

nummy num
i miss you
see ya
buzz ball (bu ee)
max (her new favorite show is Max and Ruby)
Bri Bri (her best girl friend, who lives really close)
sippy cup cup cup
where did it go
Peyttie (her friend)
hummy (hungry)
poop poo
clean up
bow (always wants a bow in)
mmm hum
basket ball
stinky (she thinks pumpkins are stinky)
now will say how old she is
pig (where she puts her monies)
ice cream

A lot of posts....

A few things I will blog about today....
*new words
*fall fun
*New Calling
*Mission Call

So this first post I will talk about the last three items just listed, because these things I don't have pictures for!

Tom and I have a calling in our new ward and we LOVE it! We are Sunbeam leaders. We have 6 little kids and we have never been in Primary before. The kids are great and we love teaching them! Ever tried teaching 3 year olds a lesson....? Good luck! We take lots of little breaks, and play lots of duck duck goose! Last week we even played a little version of pictionary! The kids thought that was a blast!

My little brother Andrew got his Mission Call! I am so proud of him and he will be serving in the Guatemala City North Mission; I do believe! Funny little tid bit, my aunts step son Colton got his mission call the same day as Andrew and it turns out they are both going to the same mission, entering the MTC the same day! If that is not crazy!!!

Because Andrew got his call; he is going to be taking out his Endowment during the Thanksgiving break. I am SO excited that my parents are going to be helping us get home for this wonderful occasion! Two weeks and counting to go home!