Monday, October 25, 2010


We had visitors! It was so great for Mom and Dad Duncan to come out and see us for a very fun filled weekend! We did lots of fun things! They came in town on a Thursday evening and we just went to dinner. Friday Tom had class and I had a Dr appointment so they came with me then we met up with Tom at Chuck E Cheese for lunch where Elli had a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it's her new love. Friday night we went to the Nuggets game which was also SO much fun! Then Saturday we headed out to Boulder to eat at The Buff and walk around at the Pearl Street Mall! It was too short of a stay as always, but it was so great to have them! Here are a few pics to outline our fun time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thanks to my friend Megan Jorgensen for introducing me to the WONDERFUL world of Zumba!

Now, I will be honest here. I signed up for the class thinking I would be having a couple friends there to go with me. I am not in shape and didn't want to show up all alone and be the idiot there (not that my friends are idiots, but at least I can laugh with them when everyone is making fun of me). My friends ended up not being able to do the class. So I called the Rec center where I was going to take the class to see if they could refund the class since I didn't want to go alone. The lady I needed to talk to wasn't there and wouldn't be til the next day, after the first class I was supposed to be in. As I was getting ready to leave the message I thought to myself, how lame am I; that I can't go to the Rec Center and have a blast doing a fitness class and get in shape at the same time! I ended up not leaving the message and going out of my comfort zone to attend the class was THE BEST THING I have done in a long time! I had so much fun and it was a great workout. In fact there is a Friday afternoon class I think I am going to go attend, because it was so awesome! I also checked out a DVD from the library! Thanks Megan!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is a test to see if I have figured out my computer glitch of not being able to upload pictures!

Monday, October 11, 2010


1- watch show do you secretly love to watch but wouldn't want anyone to know? :)

Desperate Housewives; oh my gosh did I just say that, seriously???

2- Which of the five senses would you get rid of if you had to choose one? a mom there are always yucky smells floating around!

3-get into the third folder and go to the tenth picture and post it and tell us the story behind it. if you don't have ten pictures in that folder go to the next and count to the number you had left from counting the last one... does that make sense?

4-who is your favorite family member in law style!!! :) haha good luck

My sister-in-law Heather! :D

5-what are you most excited for this christmas?

Giving Elliana her Kitchen that we just bought! I am SO excited!

6-if you had to choose between having 12+ kids or only being able to have one which would you choose?

Probably just one...twelve is a lot.

7- To get ready for halloween, name one of your biggest fears?

I am terrified of moths.

8- if you only had a few words to describe me what would they be? :) hehe had to throw one in about me of course :) hehe

amazing vocals; His Hands.

I tag

Stephanie L
Jen Duncan
Rebecca G
Lindsey B
Jessica M
Mara C

1 - What is your favorite food?
2- Least favorite household chore?
3- Favorite movie of all time?
4- How do you sleep? (Stomach, Side, Back)
5- Favorite season and why?
6- TV show you don't want people to know you watch?
7- Favorite date activity?
8- Ice cream or cheesecake?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I need serious HELP! I don't know what to do friends and family! Elliana is getting up no later than 5:15 every morning! It doesn't matter what time I put her to bed, she still wakes up that early! I don't know what to do; please help me! I can't handle this lack of sleep any more!


Losing It Mommy!