Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hello all!

It has been a long time, we are finally getting all settled in the new place and are LOVING it! Our new ward is amazing and we love it! I have yet to find my camera, so this will just be a post without pics. Hope to find it tomorrow!

Elli is getting so much bigger and is talking SO much! She is so funny, if we drive by Tom's school, she knows....and says Dad where are you? Also, when we drive by her friend Zhar's house, Zhar, where are you?

As everyone who has moved knows, it is SO expensive. There are so many little things you have to get, but all those little things just keep adding up. I don't even want to think about how much money we have spent moving here. Because of the hard wood floors, we had to get an area rug. Our table broke right before we moved, so we had to get a table and chairs. Tom got a grill for his B-day, so we had to get a propane tank. Elli's crib is still not super functioning, so we are moving her to a big girl we moved our queen to her room, (for when guests come; our air mattress broke) and got us a king size bed, which is SO much better for us. We had to buy another book case, our books don't fit on the 3 we already own. With a second bathroom, come seconds of cleaning supplies, towels, rugs, etc. Anyways, the list could go on and on. I will stop there though!

Tom has had to spend a lot of time at the school; so I have been home with Elli. She just craves attention from her daddy! We met him for dinner tonight and she loves to push buttons (ie...the handicap buttons to open doors), she did that tonight, and wasn't paying much attention and walked right into the glass right next to the door. She fell flat on her hinney, it was SO funny! Tom and I just laughed and laughed!

This weekend we are going to the Airforce vs BYU football game in Colorado Springs! We can't wait and are SO excited!!! Pictures to come soon!

I feel like I just keep rambling, so I will post again soon, hopefully with pics!