Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Oh Mom....maybe this getting messy thing isn't so bad afterall. It is eve good!
Inspecting, Elli hates to get her hands dirty!
Me trying to show her, it's yummy and she should eat it!
Her own special "big girl" cake! I can't believe my baby is 1!
Tom and I got Elli a computer, so she doesn't keep trying to play with Tom's. She loves to type just like daddy!
Elli got a couple of dresses from our friends Angie and Russell and their boys.
Elli got a camera from her friend Zhar; she LOVES to say cheese.
Elli got some stacking toys that sing from her friend Tanner.
Elli got a bubble blower from her friend Mila and Bryn.
Elli got a gift certificate from her friend Krystal and Leandro and she got a shirt and some bath toys with her certificate. She also got some money from them and was able to get some blocks.

Thanks for everyone who came! We had a blast!

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