Tuesday, July 24, 2012


2 weeks ago this past Sunday Phoebe started up with a fever.  It got pretty high; 103.2 Tom was concerned and I decided to take Phoebe to the doctor.  I just took her to Urgent Care, but she no longer had a fever because I had given her Tylenol.  When my kids are sick, they are generally still happy...so the Dr. sent us on our way, saying if Phoebe spiked a fever again I should take her into the ER because she was a little dehydrated and probably would need fluids.  She did alright on Sunday night, but had a really rough night.  Monday she was pretty good, had a little fever, but nothing like Sunday, only up to 100.5.  We just hung out and lounged around on Monday.  However Tuesday morning when she woke up she had a fever again, 102.5, so I decided to call her pediatrician.  We went in and we were sent fairly quickly over to the hospital. The picture above is right before we went to the Dr.
We were checked into the hospital and they tried to start an IV, it took them over 3 hours and 6 tries to get the IV in.  It was miserable.  Luckily after the 3rd poke my Mom got there.  It's terrible to have your kids poked and prodded and Phoebe is SO tiny that her veins are really hard to get.  They called in their best people who still failed on Phoebs.  Finally the sedation RN got her poked and had success!  She ZONKED after that (as shown above).  Poor baby.  Right after they had started her IV, they told me she was being admitted and it would be a minimum of a 48 hour stay.  *on a side note, my new Sister-In-Law was going through the temple this night (Tuesday) and my brother was getting married on Friday.  I clearly did not have time to be in the hospital...oh and did I mention that I'd be moving the next week...and I have no husband around to help.  Thank goodness for my awesome cousins who take great care of Elliana.
 After Phoebe had a little nap she decided to play with Mimi who got to stay and play for a little while before heading to the temple.  Mimi for those of you who don't know, is my Mom...Elliana started called her that a long time ago and it just stuck, so I think she'll forever be Mimi.  : D  She had to have 2 BOLACE treatments to give her a little better color.  And was on IV's the whole 48 hours she was in the hospital.  After many many tests, we still don't know what she had, other than a TERRIBLE virus that wore her right out and dehydrated her.
The morning we went home, Phoebe was looking SO much better...her coloring still wasn't great, but so much better!  She hated that little "cast" they put on for her IV, it made her so mad to not be able to play with her hands and suck on her fist.  And let me tell you how hard it is to accessorize that nasty ugly hospital gown, that was a size 2T, the smallest they carry!  We got to come home 48 hours after we entered the hospital and got home Thursday afternoon!

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