Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Auntie Nora

Hey, Elliana's Great Aunt Nora came to visit yesterday and got some pretty cute pictures that we had to post! Elliana is getting SUPER big, and I will take her to the doc on Tuesday to get her weighted and measured!


Stephanie said...

really, really the last picture reminds me how much she looks like Tom!!!

DA Phillips said...

oh my goodness guys.... she is sooooooo cute.... We really wish we could be around you guys so they could play together..... hope you are doing well.

Hilary & Adam said...

hey!! She is so adorable! We can be blog buddies now haha. oh to answer your question.. Adam is going into Radiology. He has a few years left to get his bachelors and then off to medical school somewhere like you and tom are doin!