Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, Tom and I have moved to Ammon, where we are living with the in-laws. We just couldn't afford our apt. anymore. It's not bad since we are moving to Denver/Parker in July anyways. Wanted to attach a picture of our new floor plan in Englewood. It is the second pic, on the bottom right. I couldn't just get the one pic, it had to be the duplicate. Anyways...we will be leaving mid July. Elli is getting SO big and I will upload pictures of her tomorrow...still in the moving transition mode. Don't know where my camera and cords are. Love to all!!!

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The Stewart Clan said...

We miss you guys! I heard someone walk in there yesterday and I got excited thinking it was you guys coming back, but it was only the carpet cleaner people. Sad. But it looks like you guys have a nice apartment planned out in Colorado!