Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Girl

Wow! I can't believe a year has come and gone! Here are some of Elli's accomplishments/milestones/and troubles...

*Pnemonia (2 times)
*RSV (2 time/hoping to avoid three right now)
*4 teeth
*ear pierced
*first flight
*curly hair
*acid reflux
*enema for blocked intestines
*tubes put in ears (no infections since) :)
*won't sleep without her "woobie" little blankie that is flannel on one side and silk on the other, this started at like 3 months old.
*hates the car....refused to sit in her carrying car seat after like 9 months
*loves sphagettios
*loves vegetables; way more than fruit
*loves her daddy
*sat up at 4 1/2 months old
*rolled over starting at not quite 8 months
*crawling at 9 1/2 months (like a weirdo with her right leg in front of her, kind of like a monkey)
*walking at 11 months
*loves other babies
*words she says: daddy, hi, moma, buh bye, baba (bottle), thank you (signs), more, done, no, don't.
*loves to give kisses
*Had her first Upper GI ( a test to determine reflux).

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Elliana throughout the year! You are a joy to have around Elliana, and I can't imagine my life without you! I love you!
PS...Mara haven't had her party yet, will post pics! Don't worry!


Valerie said...

Holy cow! I can't believe that she is already 1! She just seems like a tiny baby, because that was the last time I saw her. Weird! But she is adorable!!

Stephanie said...

what a doll!!!

Tim and Amber said...

oh my gosh! she is getting so bit and is sooo adorable!! Happy birthday Elliana!

Dave and Jenn said...

Can't believe she is a year old already. They grow up so fast. She is such a doll!

Jeff and Crystal said...

Wow! I can't believe she is already one! She is super cute!

Chase and Ilez said...

That year has gone by soo fast! She is soo adorable. She's had a rough year but she looks like the happiest baby