Monday, February 15, 2010

Build A Bear, Rodizio, TV, Taxes

Okay, so pictures first, then the explanations!

So, we went to the Rodizio, a glorious, wonderful restraunt! It was outstanding, below is a list of things you can eat! The appetizers are amazing, the meats are amazing, and let's be honest, who's going to eat salad at a place like this! But they are good!

Elli's Build A Bear Bunny Pinkie, from Grandpa B and Grandma J! Elliana loves this Bunny and insists on taking it with us everywhere we go! In the car, Pinkie comes, in the store, she comes...otherwise we have a tantrum, and lets be honest, we'd rather have her happy then throwing a tantrum!

Tom and I did our taxes while my Dad was here and we decided that it was time for a new TV...not a used one, or one that was SUPER old ,but something nice and new and pretty! Behold, our lovely 42 inch LCD flat panel 1080 P TV. It is wonderful! It took us awhile to get one that would work properly, but we now have it and it's awesome! The TV we got, when turned off had no sound. You had to restart the TV and cable box in order to get sound. We returned it (after much guff from the store, Sam's because we aren't on my parents membership) TV 2, believe it or not, SAME problem, by this time I am VERY upset!!! Go looking for a new TV alone while Elli is home sleeping and Tom is studying. I find that no one has ever heard of such a problem and am made to look like an idiot, which I'm not. Decide that we'll try another of the same TV, and WAHLA; it works and it's wonderful! We spoiled ourselves, and now we need to pay the bills.... :(


As a result of our slow roasting and seasoning process, our rotisserie grilled meats melt in your mouth, satisfying even the most discriminating taste bud. We cut thin for tenderness and flavor.


Picanha (Pea-con-yah) Top Sirloin, a very lean, juicy cut
Picanha Com Alho (Pea-con-yah com Al-yo) Top Sirloin basted in garlic seasonings
Fraldinha (Frall-ding-yah) Beef Tender, our most flavorful and tender cut of beef
Assado (Ah-saw-dough) Brazilian Pot Roast served with potatoes, carrots and onions
Alcatra (Al-cah-tra) Chef's Special - Rotisserie grilled Whole Sirloin.


Peru Com Bacon (Pay-roo com Bacon) Lean, juicy turkey breast wrapped in bacon

Sobre Coxa (So-bree Co-shah) Marinated & Seasoned Chicken Thighs

Coracão (Ko-da-son) Tender chicken hearts seasoned and grilled…a Brazilian favorite
Frango Agri-Doce (Frango Awh-gree Do-see) Sweet and spicy chicken covered in a flavorful sauce.


Linguiça (Ling-we-sah) A very mild and flavorful Brazilian sausage

Lombo (Lome-bow) Marinated Pork Loin

Presunto (Pray-zoon-toe) A lean cut of Ham grilled to perfection

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