Saturday, March 17, 2012

3 Years Old

I can't believe it!  My baby is 3, I know this post is a long time coming and I want to share some of the great pictures we got right before she turned 3.  So here are a few and then afterwards some of my favorite Elliana moments and sayings:

These amazing pictures were taken by the fabulous Jessica McAllister at Flourish Photography!  You can visit her website here:  I'm SO in love with these pictures!  Thanks again Jess!

Elliana is:

38 3/4" - 85%
34 lbs - 79%
her head is still off the charts!  ;)

Elliana can do the following:

~write her name
~say her ABC's
~count to 20
~knows her colors
~fully potty trained
~buckle her own seat belt
~ride her tricycle and scooter
~get dressed

Favorite sayings, words and quotes of Elliana:

~Urslut (Ursula)
~ Daddy, you're a little tramp (courtesy of The Little Mermaid)
~sleeping booby (Sleeping Beauty, of course)
~Yesterday while driving in the car she informed me that she was tired, because she was talking a lot.  She does exactly that, talks a LOT!
~Birds hang upside down like possums

Elliana LOVES to sing songs and would love for me to sing her to sleep every night, she loves music.

We sure do love our little princess!

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Maegan said...

Ha ha ha.."Daddy you're a little tramp"... that is hilarious! She is beautiful Emily!