Monday, May 24, 2010

Home, Family, Sick

We have arrived home as most of you probably's been SO great to see family. Elli really took to her Nana (my Grandmother Jeannie) and that was so nice to see! She really loved being held and cuddled by her. She got to play with horses, Charro and Jax (post pictures soon). We stayed in Salt Lake for just over a day and saw lots of people!

We have made it to Idaho Falls as of Friday afternoon...and Elli was so excited to see her Gigi (my Grandmother Carolyn). She leaped right in her arms and snuggled her! Elli had a good evening on Friday, though she didn't get to bed till very late and slept pretty well. Poor baby doesn't know where she is; too many location changes and she is CONFUSED! Saturday, she was quite fussy and I couldn't figure it out...noticed a little rash on her, but didn't think anything of it.

Sunday Elli woke up and was running a high fever, she had that ear infection though, so I just figured the antibiotic wasn't working and we would just have the doc call in something else. Called the Doctor and they said I need to take her in to the ER, just to be sure. We ended up taking her in last night, and he said her ears were looking better, not worse. :S Know, I am peeved, confused and sad because my baby is sick and I can't help her. He said to keep pushing the Tylenol and Motrin, which we were and are doing. This morning Elli woke up early, and had a rough night sleeping, changed her diaper and she had 4 poopie diapers in a two hour stretch...this is quite abnormal for my child. I again noticed the rash, that was now little red spots, kept looking and there were more. I called my Mom and said I think we have the case solved...she came home from work, and sure enough, Elli has the Chicken Pox! She had the vaccine, and will likely just have a small case...but seriously, Chicken Pox? Aren't we on vacation?!?!

Pray for my poor baby...who is just miserable! Love you all! Pics to come soon! This picture above is not Elli, she is not in prime picture mode! :D

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Valerie said...

So sad!! Chicken pox are the worst! Good luck! Hopefully your trip turns out better!