Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So yesterday Elli was having a VERY rough day, and just not acting herself. She also had a bad night and didn't sleep well and only napped for less than an hour! SO not like my Elliana. So I decided to call the doctor; they of course had no appointments till this afternoon at noon. I thought she and I might both pull our hair out before then so I decided to take her to Urgent Care, almost positive the poor baby had an ear infection! We got to Urgent Care they looked and the doctor says, oh she definitely has an ear infection, it looks awful. I'm thinking, k awesome, let's get some antibiotics so we can get better before we come home. He looks at her again, and says, but I'm not going to write her a prescription, and walks out. I sit there dumbfounded for a few moments and leave...no nurses in the front area, because I probably would have said, I want a prescription. So I left.

Ended up having to stop at Target for a few things and talked to the Pharmacy there, because they know us very well! They said they have heard lots of complaints about the doc I saw. And they suggested I call the on call Doc. I did and she called in an antibiotic but wanted to see Elliana this morning. We went in and she thought the Doc was crazy to not write her a prescription and said, keep going on it, that's is one VERY bad infection! Luckily Elliana had a better night last night, still not great, and hopefully she'll keep getting better! Sometimes Doctors just kill me! No offense Tom and Dad! :D Feel better baby doll!

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Valerie said...

Holy Cow!!! What a jerk. Our pediatritian was like that in Rexburg. But we switched before anything could really happen. It's so frustrating! GOod luck with the ear infection, those are the worst!