Monday, May 23, 2011

Elder Andrew LaPray

Every week we get a chance to write Andrew letters on Sunday night!  It's one of Elliana's favorite things to do.  This is how her letter went this week.  Tom helped her, and he did a GREAT job!

Elder LaPray

[pm   ceru

It's Andrew.  Sing sing sing! (there's music in the background)  It's cookies!  My fav (there are cookies in the background too)  Sing sing sing!  Now she is hu mmb in  g)  I push
I can sing
I can help! (that goes up with the humming fiasco)
That's my faaaaaaa (? no idea)
it's my cookies.  and a smiley face
Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.   my, oh, there's my face!  My face and the cookies.  My face.  My face!  MY FACE!!!!!  
HI Uncle Andrew.  Where's Andrew.  On his mission!  it's my face!!! (there is a banner ad for cookie packages that lead to a happy face and it is making her so excited!!!)  I miss you.  luv you too andrew!


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