Friday, September 7, 2012

Horseback Riding

Uncle Brad and Aunt Nicki are super cool in the eyes of children, they live out in the country and they have chickens (which always happen to have eggs for Elliana to go find) and horses.  The other night we had family in town for my cousins wedding open house and the next night, we got invited to go ride the horses!

 Playing on the hay bales, who can climb the highest (those are my little cousins, Cody at the top, Steven with the hat by Elliana, and Kyle, looking at me).
 Elliana listening intently to what Uncle Brad has to say.
 Smiling for Mom and Dad (since we'll have to just send him pictures)
 Trotting around the ring
 Teaching Sadie to stop saying WHOA
 She's a little too timid and mild voiced (when she wants to be) for it to work out really well...
Elliana in 7th Heaven

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