Friday, September 7, 2012

Time with Tom

Tom has been gone a LOT lately.  He has been home exactly one week since the first week of July.  : (  It is very hard to have him away, but I am SO grateful for the blessing my parents are to me!  If you didn't know, or didn't remember I have moved in with them so they can help me with the kids.  My Miss Phoebe is still quite the little stink, more on that later.

Anyways...when Tom was home last month for that week, we had to go to Salt Lake so he could take a test; after the test we had about 24 hours before it was time to put him back on the plane.  We decided to go to Trafalga with the kids.  Elliana had SO much fun playing with her dad.  I was able to capture a few pictures.

 Our celebration dinner for Tom.  We took him to Brick Oven to celebrate being done taking written exams for Med School!  Can I just say how handsome he is, and I'm the proudest wife EVER!
 Racing Track, Elliana looks a little nervous waiting for Tom to get all buckled in.  Word to the wise...those cars are not made for men that are 6'6".
 Getting ready to go...she looks a little more excited!
Having a blast!

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