Friday, September 7, 2012


I got the greatest news twice yesterday!  First that Tom was coming home 2 days early!  And second...(drum roll please......) HE PASSED HIS TEST!  Tom was really worried about that last test that he took in August, like really worried; I wasn't as worried, I knew that he had done all that he could, studied really hard, and he did his best!  His best was good enough, he was so relieved to call and say he had passed.  I just want to shout out to him and say YOU ARE will be the best doctor ever, because you care so much!  My Tom is so patient and kind, you'll never find one more patient or kind.  He hates this stage he's in right now, because he's so kind, that he doesn't like to compete, and it's pretty competitive right now with what he's doing.  But all he needs to do, is be long as he is Tom, I know he'll do great and others will see his greatness!  I love you Tom!  Can't wait to see him in just a few short hours!

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Stacie Couch said...

Hooray! I bet it feels so wonderful to know that Tom passed his test! Keep up the good work!