Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Trip

Tom and I decided to make a quick trip to Idaho Falls to see our families!  It was SO fun to go home for the weekend!  We were able to leave Thursday evening, and came home last night (Sunday) late.  On Thursday, we played games with my family, and then went to bed.  Friday we were able to see Tom's mom at work, then go see my mom at work.  After that, Tom went to lunch with his brother Jared, while Elliana and I hit the hair salon. I DESPERATELY needed a hair cut and my Grandma was kind enough to fund it for me.  Thanks Grandma!  I don't have a picture, but will get one soon, it is SO cute, and I love it!!!  After Tom had lunch he went to the library to study all afternoon and got home just in time to wake Elliana and I for dinner.  We had pizza and watched the BYU vs. USU game.  It was so fun to be able to watch the game with so much family!

Saturday we spent the day with Tom's family, chopping wood.  It was hard work, but we got it all done, so his parents can have wood all winter.  We finished our work and then we were able to play games.

Sunday we spent the day with my family watching conference and playing games again.  I love being with family, I just wish I felt better so I would be more pleasant to be around, and not feel so sick all the time.

We're doing pretty good all around though, and can't complain too much.  My dad had to work out of town all weekend, but we ended up stopping at a gas station on our way home and got to say hey for a second.  It's always nice to see my dad!  There's nothing like a daddy for a girl!

I loved listening to conference, and feel spiritually uplifted!

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